In your own words

Thu, 08/08/2013 - 02:47 -- Mustafa


Spoken words that are known by many understand by little is called poetry

what it means to me is lyrics running through my head

words that ever one has but can't understand them 

emotion is a form of expressing one's self

to feel is to be human to write is to be more than your self

as i type my words i relieve the emotion that is in myself to try to escape reality and fate

the words show the feeling is more than just mutual it is yet a physical little piece of me and my past,

the expression of death is only inevitable we all must die but that does not mean ones dream shall die with them 

as i carry the dream of my deceased stepfather and that of my own dream that is deep inside my self

to inspire thoughs who need inspiration it to live after death in the voice of thoughs you have inspired

poetry is different to every one but one thing every 1 poem has in common is they feel something

at that moment of blankness where nothin else matters but the words that you are thinking  







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