Good Morning

She gets up.
"The world is brigher at night,"
she would remark with a laugh,
but it meant more than what
her smile hid.

She gets up,
as the reminder of
responsibilities, stress and work
make her ponder
yet her legs still stand.

She gets up,
dealing with the lack of interaction.
Signals of "outcast" marked on her
but she still looks forward,
ignoring the rumors.

She gets up,
even though she's thrown
face to the ground
the taste of concrete mixes,
but she still tries.

She gets up,
for she doesn't get up
for the rumors, the sadness,
the hate or for the pain.
But for hope.

She gets up,
because she knows life
offers more than books and
ignorance that slanders,
but love and happiness.

She gets up,
not for the fact
that someone will push her down,
but for the fact
that she can still rise above it.

Life's not made
to wonder about the
reasons why to stay asleep
but only for the reasons
to stay awake.

Humans were made
to create more than
the knives we point at others,
but for the hands we provide
for the weak.

For she gets up,
to become more than just
another example of a backstab,
but as an example of the
strength we have.

She gets up
because maybe one day,
nobody will push her down again.

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