Life By You


 In life, 

there are goals that come to your mind that you want to accomplish,
in life,
you have a dream while your wake and realize that it could really happen
in life,
you see examples of yourself in other people that have given motivation to others
you choose to work by the chances you take
those chances you have in your life will give you the right path for your future
what I'm saying is don't make it a chance, make a status, make it life term goal in a short period of time, make it a demonstration for the people that do not have as much hope as you do
Make your courage a starting point, make it a obstacle, a determination, a goal, sacrifice of mass destruction, configure your altitude and you will see how far you will go, the body that god gave you will be the motivation for others
I was told by a coach of mine, your external should be shown more mental than physical and your internal should be shown by the people that gave you hope externally. 
every fear that you face while making a path deals with weapons that will make you self destruct, you just have to cut the wire to disarm it to gets your opportunity
selling drugs, becoming a black rose and disintegrate ]tc. anything that can get you into trouble and push you more forward into the path you close to take, instead of a blossom that blooms, wonders around the world and becomes a powerful flower, GROW!!! 
don't ever say you can't make it, don't ever say can't, or not, or maybe, make it, do it, accomplish and you'll become it with no measures.
there should be no tendencies about what you see later on. if you have that image in your head that your own top of the pedestal and become on top of the world tan my friend answer your own question. ARE YOU ON THAT MOUNTAIN TOP. do you have that edge that gives you the ability to climb that mountain which takes time, or do you want to be that person that takes the elevator and take the easy way out,
I know it gets hard, I know there are blocks in your way , I know its almost impossible to do, but you can conquer it, your ready, you been ready, you can make possible in a matter of minutes, your just taking to long, whats taking you so long, the more time you waste, the long your dream come into reality.
Im here to tell you something you already knew, I'm just reminding, so here it is, its time to start your dream. If you choose to accomplish something you never thought possible, then your time is coming, be the mastermind of your motivation, be at the top of that pedestal. This goes out to everyone who have a strong heart full of hope and confidence
Every demonstration that you have given to people should be positive, never settle for less when it comes to a dream unless you like nightmares


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