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Technicolor world  vehicles racing faster  streaks of bright colors    flowers on the side  showing their smiling faces  through the thick asphalt    hurried people walk 
I write this as I sit awake Staring at the darkness Of my big empty room My pointless heavy room   So blessed I am I know it too The fancy new Tesla The new Lululemon clothes  
Ya Know I Hear A LOT OF NOISE... From... IGNORANT BOYS... !!! About Their Toys And ALL Their Ploys... That Make Them THIS... !!! And Make Them...THAT... !!!
Sometimes, when I am lucky,  I can get away long enough to see the stars. Far from the noise, from broken memories and fear of "never enough." To a wide open space where the news cannot reach.
BOOM BOOM BOOM My inside drum has its own sound It can be ear splitting or barely heard Or every noise in between But it’s special and unique and only mine
she kept walking away from all the noise trying,  for just one second to give her head a  moment of silence.   but the problem arose time and time again, 
I didn't know How to make it On my own I could recreate But not create My words Were their words My smile Was their smile Until their words Inspired my words
The world is so loud sometimes you have to step back and listen for hope
Questions like "what happened?" or "did you hurt yourself?" send a  pins and needles panic down my back. Shut up - go away - shut up - go away I can't hear you anymore! You're all quiet to me now!
When I was young I could not hear I would stand there and wail screech like a banshee Ahhhhhh,for food Ahhhhhh,for drink
A tick tock noise from the clock in my room Knocks my head on and on Till it wakes me up in the middle of the night, So I found myself looking right at the ceiling My body starts sweating
The rhythms of life shout out While the lyrics of your voice whisper Creeping bass echoes from darkened corners And rock drops linger from fishers.   Banging noise from distant vehicles
It’s against the rules to bawl here. Not because someone said it, not because it would hurt anything. Just don’t cry. It’s that simple. Just don’t feel. Quit it.
How do we know? Do we truly need something?             Or simply want it?   I want to stay close to my family             But I could live on without them
Stranded on an island all alone, No company or friends to call my own Just sitting in the quiet Trying just to fight it But madness comes and goes In silence. I need some noise, a song, a sound.
When a tree falls in the forest and nobody's around Does it make a sound? If a write a poem and nobody cares Does it still make a change?
Sometimes I wonder If madness sounds like civilization   Noisy music Incessant hubbub and babble The scrape of sandals on concrete Breaths
You hear the muffled whispers hiding in this room you're listening and you're listening but still the whispers loom haunting whispers in the night you know that they should give you fright
My mouth goes dry and my throat closes up People wonder if I am mute But the truth is I have nothing to say
Wrinkled but soft Aged and veiny Her hands have raised us Tonight they stir spaghetti, Hang wet clothes, Wash the dishes. And how beautiful they are.   It’s said to be heaven
  Noises everywhere
It’s all noise,
Listen to the Tik Tik Tik Tik Tok BeeBop Drip Drop Ring Ring Banana Phone! Tipping at the tip-top of a High drop off the Grand canyon of sky Beebockety pop
Thunder claps its own song, Rain drops its own tune, Wind whistles its own melody and all that comes from me is this poem
The squeals of a little girl, the thud of horse hooves, The rattle of rain down the shingles of roofs, The clamor of traffic, the roaring whistle of trains, The deafening throb of machinery numbing the brain,
Here, in the kitchen, you’ll hear if you listen The aimless Chatter of the plates, The soft landing of the napkins, The high-pitched “tink”s of wine glasses, The sharp exchanges of silverware,
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