What's With All the Noise?


United States
42° 51' 51.606" N, 87° 54' 49.9212" W

The squeals of a little girl, the thud of horse hooves,
The rattle of rain down the shingles of roofs,
The clamor of traffic, the roaring whistle of trains,
The deafening throb of machinery numbing the brain,
The echo of an empty hall, the soft baa of a lamb,
The faint whoosh of a breeze, a door angrily slammed,
The boom of the thunder, the crash of the waves,
The vibrating purr of a kitten, the chaos of the rave,
The powerful crack of a rifle, the clank of a metal pail,
The crackle of a warm fire, a slapping canvas sail.
There’s so many sounds that render silence destroyed,
Can someone please tell me, what’s with all the noise?


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