Not real


You hear the muffled whispers

hiding in this room

you're listening and you're listening but still the whispers loom

haunting whispers in the night

you know that they should give you fright

but you already know

they're not real


You watch the skittering mice running up the walls

up and down and all around

You shoo them, threw them, all there on the the ground

You try and get them off from all of your walls

But balancing is fairly hard and you find that you'll fall

But you knew

They're not real


You listen to the birds and sea

but not a single is in sight

All you see is just one too-bright flourous light

But you hear the sea you hear the birds  ever nonetheless

Just because you cannot see doesn't mean they jest

The sea is real and birds are real

but really you know,

they're not real


No one knows

that you can hear the birds, the whispers, the quiet singing songs

You can see the mice, the very rarely cat. With bright red fur and right red eyes, 

the cat is strange to say the least but no stranger then are you

no one sees the cat

no one but you

You know it's not real

But cats don't bend to will well

So the cat may just be real

you leave it alone

To live its own reality

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