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One person from the past  Comes to the future. The first thing they ask? "Why is everyone a slob?"
Laziness  a result from no inspiration.  But inspiration can come from anywhere. Sometimes all you need is a destination.   For me, a vehicle opened my eyes  to all that life has to offer. 
I jump up from the bed with this one thought upon my mind "I'm hungry"! So I run straight to the fridge to make a find The remnants of a snack from late last night are in the sink
Dear Destroyer of Motivation, You are a shapeshifter. A manipulator. You can appear harmless, like a sweet humming in my ear. You can be found anywhere. In phones, my bed, the stars. You are limitless.
I know you don't recognize my name,Although my story revels in fame.My step-sister, what a fella.Do you know her? Cinderella.Before you start to snide,Please listen to my side. Once upon a time,
August Forster written:11/7/16 My choosing Topic of my choosing, poem in the write.   Should I write of horror? Or of beaming lights?  
After a while or two passed That left me quite distressed And Stressed about all the trouble  I've let occur, I Laugh.   I mean, you know This whole faulty show
My vision goes hazy My mind a little crazy suffocating, palpating my heart is tighter than my fist clenched, back drenched in sweat
A sigh escapes Heart growing cold Tears squeezed out But nothing matters Not at the moment Everything is gone Your life is a lie Or so it seems But no energy Is left behind
Let me paint a picture of my generation. It's as if we all suffer from a self-induced aberration. We don't think, we just do. Where we sink, others flew. It kind of stinks that we can't see our potential,
From class to class From book to book This is all a mess Just take a look   Homework piled up No end in sight Every time I wake up Don’t turn on the light  
  Narrow minds stuck in wide subdivisions They are but hopeless strings on a Puppet Master’s creation
    I sit around; my eyes flare up above.
I am angry about how life goes on. We try and try and try, never to get What we truly deserve, and often yet Receive what we have never truly earned.   What happened to hard work? To us? To you?
Humanity: We look for solace in bottles and pills, Temporary fixes for paying our bills Because a permanent change takes too long and we're lazy.   We're greedy and spoiled, Undignified and disloyal
Awaken from slumber long enough To remind myself what's real   The part of me that's sleeping Is dying to wake up. The part of me that's wide awake Simply wants to sleep.  
Tenure gives you no right...,
My fresh, new assignment On a crisp piece of paper in bold text "I'll get right to it!" I say As I lay it down on the corner of my desk Never to be touched again
I hate having to sit on my ass all day Though most people would in a heartbeat At first, lack of movement seemed okay But now I feel my butt glued to the seat
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