The Sleeper's Resolve

Awaken from slumber long enough

To remind myself what's real


The part of me that's sleeping

Is dying to wake up.

The part of me that's wide awake

Simply wants to sleep.


The latter is prevailing,

But I don't want it to.

I don't want it.

I don't.


My soul screams change

While my head plays games,

And I'm frozen in place:

A ghost encased

In my own inaction


Stare blankly at a canvas;

A paper, a screen.

In stanzas, in stories,

In vapors, I dream.


But unfortunately, for me,

Lethargy is a disease

And I (its weakened victim)

Can't obtain the cure.


Stuck in slumber, I close my eyes.

Another day, I won't move.



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