A Mess of My Life, If You Want, In Anticipation of College.

After a while or two passed

That left me quite distressed

And Stressed about all the trouble 

I've let occur, I Laugh.


I mean, you know

This whole faulty show

Of a somewhat picturesque photograph 

Encasing my life in its' fridged grasp;

I'm talking about this year

And about all the fear

And headache It's brought,

To me, Oh I gasp!

No, Tis no so bad,

Though It may make me sad

To know that I've been of a fool

Leading his life un-amiss of my gaffe.

To be curt, For short, I

Am too lazy to dot an 'i',

Too lazy to swat a fly,

To look at the sky

To Fly Awry with the sporadic enthusiasm 

Of a misshapen axle, that grinds into my undercarriage. 

No, That's not true,  I lie;

Here in my room,

With my spry 

And cunning pliers,

Crafting out of malle, a Tie!

I can do many things;

I don't qualify to identify 

As a second-rate sloth 

Existing only to die,

Do I?

But, This Tie Exists

Due to the active movement of hand

My Mind

It comes together to create 

The most unique gift of my favorite physics teacher

To date!


Oh, That's the kicker.


Allow me to iterate:

The cause of my irritate

Of my Self, all that it is

The immense stack 

of Crap I haven't even 

Begun to have done!

Yes, THAT is what IT is!

It is Not that I am

Plagued with lethargy and languor,

But merely that I lack conviction and incentive

To simply, and quite honestly, do.

It's a common problem, 

Especially with me 

To see that I've an assignment that due

And to turn in a paper looking 'New'.

How will I put aside

This idleness inside

And pick up a quill

To thrill

Those teachers of mine 

With an assignment on time?

Well, Recognizing 

And Analyzing 

The Traumatizing

Outcomes of my apathetic attitude

Will change it, I'm hoping. 

Well, more like Praying,

Or Imploring 

Or Begging

Because Improving in the next while

after a year or two has passed,

Has, so far, proved quite futile, 


To put the cherry on top of this Direct College Express;

This senior year is my last Stop.

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