United States

A sigh escapes

Heart growing cold

Tears squeezed out

But nothing matters

Not at the moment

Everything is gone

Your life is a lie

Or so it seems

But no energy

Is left behind

You shuffle forward

Here and there

Never really moving

Forward nor backward

Increasingly tiring

You want it to stop

Doesn't matter what

Anything and everything

Take your pick

Because you've had enough

Wanting to sleep forever

But having to wake up

To a cold and bitter world

Is sorrowful and yet

Also incredibly needed

But strength isn't there

Nothing to muster up

Absolute weariness

And lazy days

Are left like ashes

Eyes itch with fatigue

The dusty air seems to seize

Everything in sight

Fades into dull and bland

Tasteless and apathetic

Morphing into mannequins

Faceless with no story

No history and nothing else

As you shuffle around

You hear a peculiar noise

A giggle, a laugh

A chuckle, a chortle

Such a strange sound

Among yawns

And restless sighs

But as you listen

To the murmur

That steadily increases

Into a majestic roar

You decide that

Just maybe

You'll open that door. 

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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