Entitled to Disappointment


I am angry about how life goes on.

We try and try and try, never to get

What we truly deserve, and often yet

Receive what we have never truly earned.


What happened to hard work? To us? To you?

Are you that lazy to stand up for once?

What will make you rise? Potato chips, or

When anger breaks through like a stone through pane?


Do you want someone to pull you up from

That couch of yours? Forget it. I will not,

This is for sure. And why should I even?


Complain forever, but I shall not give

What you can grasp by yourself. Realize

You can do this on your own, without help.


Not willing? Upset I'm not helping you?

Too bad, 'cause around here, the only thing

You're entitled to is disappointment.


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