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The sun is coming up on this brand new day, a new hope envelops me, like God’s own loving cocoon, how oh how is this possible? With so much death surrounding our very existence.
I walk across the street, It’s not even dark. Yet he comes closer, and closer, He looks 30 and drunk. I’m 13 and small. Who will they blame?
We use to laugh, We use to talk, We use to confide in eachother. I was totally in love with my bestfriend. You can fall in love with friends too.I.would give her my last, my life I let her hold in the palm of her hands. She was so beautiful then.
Thrust into a turbulent nexusExceeding ability to copeSucker-punched in my solar plexusVictim of life's rope-a-dope....Mark Toney © 2020.01/01/2020 - Poetry form: Rhyme
When you have depression your mind is always gonna think your lonely.
I died my hair bright red the other day; now my curls are poisonous snakes. Twisting, turning, tangling.   We know that in nature, bright colors mean posionous.
The Greek white columns stood fierce and erect-- all things I only wish I could be.   I stepped into the courthouse Afraid and uncertain,
Living with anxiety is like living in an invisible box. It has 7 walls, one for every day of the week and a glass ceiling to remind you that you’ll never escape. The box’s name is fear.
Why do they keep doing this to me? Don't they know I'm F'ed up on several meds? That I'm emotionally unstable?
I am a victim.  I am a victim of my own mind.  I hold myself captive.   I am also my own abuser. For years I have abused myself into being the victim of my own mind.
Dear, My mother’s ex-boyfriend of two years, My biological father left when I was six And ever since then, I've been looking for someone to fix
Dear, the unwanted note on my whiteboard,   You stated, "Shut the fuck up cuz"   You were staring at me.  
Dear Christian, I try not to cry as I say goodbye. Perhaps before we meet next I'll die Or maybe you will forget about us. I blame the rat for leaving with a cuss. The lack of you leaves holed my center core.
Little one don't even try To rid yourself of sin Little one just live your life Sweet child of the nephilim Little one please keep in mind The way you treat your fellow kin Little one be fair and kind
He loves me when I smile He loves me when I laugh He loves me even when he calls me silly names He loves me when he calls me bitch or stupid I don't care when his words are mean Because he loves me 
A ruckus I hear, with murderous intent After my life, is now bent In fear I run, from that creature It's face distorted with horrible features A wolf's smile, plated gold Bloodlust within it's heat, so bold
Swiftly, I run down the street To the place where we will meet And in that room, awaits me there A lady in scarlet, with pitch black hair An angel of darkeness, that's what I see
A sweet young flower a delicate Rose dancing in the April shower learning as she grows    A man drunk with lust  came from behind hid in the shadows  her peace and dreams he crushed 
I watched as the fire died in her eyes. I knew it when she succumbed to the overpowering fight I felt it when the life drained from her cold fingers I felt her once lively arms go limp in my tightly-gripping palms
It has been said That lions are the fiercest of beings Strong jaws, sharpened teeth -  Ready to pounce.    Every day the lion waited I saw him around corners Prowling in the distance
Breaking me was the easy part. Putting me back together as if it didn't hurt me was the hard part.  The part you thought would take to much time & effort. The part that you skipped.
Mommy lost her virginity at sixteen. Or maybe seventeen. She doesn't really remember anymore. She doesn't remember much of that day, actually.   That was a stuffy little town.
I am an emotive voice expressed through pen and paper, but once was uncapable of being heard  because six plus years of bully beat downs made fear seal every word.   
Try not to weep, or grim will hear you as he creeps, looking for sad souls to reap. It’s quite cheap, but that’s how he pays his upkeep.
I’ve sat in this hospital bed for days 
Wondering, contemplating, thinking,
 Maybe I belong here. Maybe I am as crazy as you say I am. 
 Maybe I was asking for it. 

To All Victims.. Keep Walking If you plan on lying to me and then break up with me when I catch you lying instead of owning it and communicate, keep walking.
My finger tips, cold Touch bare chest My heart beat, loud Frozen in time   Arms grabbed me, forcfully I had no choice I looked away, tears Blurred my vision  
I am a survivor One of many Same story different writing So how am I unique?   I could go on and on I am a survivor of domestic violence I had Daddy Issues
Identified through numbersand only a whisper of a namethat I cannot confirm,I don't know who I am.Ten years were stolen
I refuse I refuse to let you define me Simply because there is no defintion I am who I am I refuse to let you attack me You may not accept me but I do I do not need your approval
They would turn a whisper into a shout. A phrase streching for miles. I'd tell truth to be revealed Healing would never come... The truth sets only those free who confess. I, of the confession am in bars.
Today I decided to show a little more skin, to feel a bit more sexier, to show off my womanly features that belong to MY body. So help me if I so happen to become a victim of violation, harrassment or dare I say, rape.
I want for you to tell Christ That his quick glass is almost up And the moon’s light Shall gleam (shine) on all of the four corners Residing idly in the room Where the devious shadows lay
You call me a monster,for that I have been,mistreated and abused you,I killed and murdered three.
We were hurt onceand then they told usthat the pain thatsettled over our shouldersweighted like the worldwas our cross,was our albatrossto wear, to bear.
Through the crack in the wall, a streak of light spills on the ground.
You saw me before I saw you.
You hurt me, you hit me,
What is society To you and me? No, What is society? You and me.   Socius, societas, society. Comrade, friend, ally. How far we have come.  
bruised and slammed up against a wall, they are silent in fear. their lover strokes them, carresses them, does things that that didnt have permission to do they feel violated, worthless
Worthless is the thought of a soul that has been hurt Now forever lost
Aren’t you ashamed Of what you do? Everyday Someone goes home with tears on their face Since they feel so alone And ashamed Of who they are
Sometimes, I feel like what happened
Please don't be angry, Please don't be mad,
All you know is she's so perfect All you hear are the right answers coming out of her mouth All you see is her dazzling smile But what if you really knew her?
It’s taking all I’ve got, To untie our knot, All I can smell is the beer on your breath, The wine spilled on her dress. All the flowers you bought. It’s taking all I’ve got.
There's a lot that I'm thankful for, but there is one particular thing that I'll forever be thankful for. In my time of struggle, my aunt and uncle took me in, making me feel like one of their own.
Like a high tide,I drown in you.You suffocate me.I can't escape your grip.I begand pleadfor the painto terminate.For the humilationto vanish.And you show meno mercy.
It starts off as a joke Then turns into madness. Wishing you could revoke. But its too late. All the teasing, pushing and laughing Has took its toll. Now all the things you say have lost control. You couldn’t help it, You mom and dad had split  An
I saw it all, just because my locker was next to his. His silent cries, the bully can't hear ring through my own two ears. The bully will push and shove, and the kid will be silent, but cry out for love.
There is a hole in the ground that seems to call my name, It sinks six feet and is roughly three feet wide, And it calls my name. I ask who's there and try to keep a distance,
  WearingHijabs and hoodies could get you killedQuicker than overdosing on prescription pills
you left us treading for life at a crucial time assuming our emminate doom. you still walked away 
it feels like years ago I had a dream no I had a nightmare a nightmare so terrible no one would ever want to hear it took me 92 days to truly convince myself without any question that it was not just a nightmare this had happened
She was all yours. She was everything you wanted, Worth the world and more. She took care of you so well. Always waiting by the door. She was your number one fan, Begging for an encore.
Life would be unbearable without her. Nightmares would rain down, cascading over my dreams without her. Breathing would be cold. Stale. Harsh. Without her.
Why do you think I argue? Why do you think I scream? It’s not because I hate you, And it’s not an evil scheme.
You pass an invisible wall, you begin to snicker and sneer You judge me. You make me your victim. You cannot know where I’ve been or what trials I have gone through nor my joys.
Tip, Tap, sharp pebbles fly blistering as they hit; slices that never heal, incurable. Severed from reality, a shun full of force. "Freak" "A joke"
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