The Victim Of Foster Care


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Why do you think I argue?
Why do you think I scream?
It’s not because I hate you,
And it’s not an evil scheme.

I yell because I love you,
I stomp because I know,
That no matter what I say or do,
You’ll likely let me go.

I’ve never been quite stable,
Or felt love constantly.
I thought with you that it might change,
Oh silly, silly me.

I wanted you to love me,
But I’ve put you to the test,
Your love is still conditional,
Like everybody else.

So go on now and ship me off,
I’ve made you very mad.
But maybe you would miss me,
And start feeling very bad.

Regret would fill you up inside
It’d fill up to the brim.
Your eyes would water over
And your life would seem so dim.

I know that I’ve been mean to you,
You’ve screamed back at me too,
But realize this before it’s too late,
I really do need you.

I test you so I’ll know how far
Your love just might extend.
Motherly love has had its peak,
I knew it had to end.

This home, this place this family
Is too good to be true,
I guess you feel the same because
You might send me far from you.

I’ll never be the same again,
You said that you would care.
But now I can’t trust anyone
My heart suffers a tear.

Family means nothing to me,
Parents don’t exist.
Your blog and facebook posts-they hurt,
And love I must resist.



Nice, I can feel the emotion!


Thanks! My family has always been involved in foster care, so sadly, I hear a lot of sad stories about kids who never find a home. It's an issue very close to my heart.

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