Power of a Pen

I am an emotive voice expressed through pen and paper,

but once was uncapable of being heard 

because six plus years of bully beat downs

made fear seal every word. 


Then locked up thoughts and stirring emotions

led me to the darkest days

because my popped pills and slurred words piercd a noise

but there was no progression from my first phase.


Through countless encounterments with noticing bystanders

I finally signalled a listener as my guiding aid,

and this influential person introduced me to self-expression through poetry;

because he believed everyone's beautiful voice could be saved.


He said that harsh experiences lead to intense emotion

and even with the most crippling pain,

for  a struggling individual to release all of it down on paper

makes us very capable of not losing our sane.


Through the introduction to poetry

and the advantageous tools that I have found,

the once preserved girl with a sealed voice

now allows everyone to hear her harmonic sound. 

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