I am a victim. 

I am a victim of my own mind. 

I hold myself captive.


I am also my own abuser.

For years I have abused myself

into being the victim of my own mind.

I cannot blame everyone around me

when I am also one to blame. 


Today, today I choose to no longer 

abuse myself or play the victim.

Today I decide to be the hero and

 the survivor. I will pull myself out

 of the hell I trapped myself in. No longer 

will I shame, blame, or hurt myself with 

the words or actions of myself and others.


I will rise from the ashes I thought I would die in.

I will no longer wear my past as shame,

but as a coat of armor that is sown with the lessons I learned.

No more will I let labels define me or my future.

I choose the path I want.

I will tear the darkness away

to reveal the wings of a warrior, because today, 

I choose to be a survivor. 


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