Final Chapter

Breaking me was the easy part.

Putting me back together as if it didn't hurt me was the hard part. 

The part you thought would take to much time & effort.

The part that you skipped.

A book with no ending to its final chapter.

From all that drama & suspense to lead to nothing,

But a simple unsatisfying ending. 

The couple to be torn apart by another woman, 

Him walking away to his death..

The final run of his life into a pit of firing guns. 

While leaving his new wife alone bearing his child never to know what really happened at war. 

His first love with another man, but during the nights she thinks of what would have happened if she stopped him from walking away that night..

Crying every night blaming herself that he's gone now..

Those three words she waited so patiently to hear..never came.. 

But now he's gone..too late to take back that night for the rest of her life. 

That night at graduation was a night she would never forget because it was her last memorys of his sweet seductive voice..

Holding his hand the whole way through the ceremony.

Ecstaticed that they both had made it to the end of a long journey together..

So many pages to end with a tragic bitter tale..

Of a boy & a girl in high school..

Met by destiny of a simple dare from a friend.

That very first hello & sudden compliment

To the last argument & farwell..

So many times in between when they thought love was the reason that they put up with one another. 

Which in many was.

Madly in love so young & free.. 

Engaged at one point planning there future together..

From after graduation to what they were gunna name their children. 

Checking out rings in the mall together..her embarrassed like always of doing such things..

To end up with neither love or memories of one another. 

Once again she will never get to see his sexy smile,

Nor his sensual body of his wrapped around her.  

Before going home in tears because he loved another woman everytime she thought they would last longer..

Being gone as he she told him that day..

" I will always love you deep down..always & forever. Never forget it. no matter what happens.."

A book has many twists & confusing plots but this one 

Just might be based on a true story soon enough. 

Hoping nothing will happen to him in reality but 

Like i told you that day.."always & forever"..

You skipped the hard part but don't skip out on our promise. 

I gave up on you for hurting me to many times & now it just may be time to say goodbye. 

We made a would come back to me alive & well..

Keep it strong & never forget me.

Don't make this story non-fiction.


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