Black History

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                             In the USA, Black History month is celebrated In February, the month with the shortest days
We once were not free. Free as others could be. Free to walk. Free to talk. While we were pickin’ and pluckin’, they were watching like a hawk.
Dr. King stood for more than just a line of a speech That the white lense takes away the rest of So now I preach King was a revolutionary much like the rest
where silvery soup cans cracked the pavement, where red juice whined out from containment, sweet fleshy fruit spittled fruits, fresh from private property gardens. where rooms stack like racks,
Dear Oppressors,
The skin I’m in is black, I don’t mind that it’s black, but the responses to black, Causes to me to reflect back, to the fact that. My forefathers were black and that blackness was to others a curse.
The hurt the pain Lives of black childrens father's Taken carlessly with a gun Gun praised by the land of the free
We are black, The bridges extended to the other side And obstacles were placed in our path to go across, Yet we still made it to the shores and over the borders, Our shoes approached the welcome mat
I saw a white man today, and he Was pretty nice. He was one Of the one’s that pitied us “Niggers”, you Know that’s what they call us.   I bid sir, to tell me what can I do, to
Martin didn't "die" for us. You see, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. Unfortunately this heroic man was so hated. Why? Because he wanted equal rights? What if Dr. King and others didn't fight?
I am Emmett Till. I was beaten to death, so how dare you go through everyday life complaining that it's "pure hell". I'd rather be locked up in a jail cell. Or sitting in a classroom not knowing how to spell.
In China, hospitals skip the fourth and the fourteenth floor because four in Mandarin Chinese iss hi, the same pronunciation as the word for death.  
I am Mike Brown. I am Tamir Rice. I am Eric Garner. I am the fallen of my culture, my color, my characteristics. I am the family of these victims, I am the friends.
My arms are long,  My hair is wooly, no I am not worried because,  Who will ever see?   You know my back is strong and,  Just as sturdy as it can be.. after
The Corporate Noose. Yes, the Corporate Noose! The ensemble of tightly stitched fabric which hangs from the front of the neck then hangs loose. Most commonly worn in the workplace and one by every race.
Color Mute I didn't know color had a mother until my heart bleed. I didn't know that the ehips and the chains had a father till my tears shed.
Sweet beautiful intelligent divine being Created by 2 hearts with lost souls Combined in one body Care was taken to take and place your heart into it A soul born by society
My brother Make your legacy live in history The past of segregation lingers onto our present communities, And its comedy is somehow becoming our young brothers and sisters you see..
Our heritage From our skin to our inner most features, We have the deepest roots. From the food we eat to the souls who cook it. From the songs we sing, To the music we dance to.
Nana tells me, ‘White people pale ‘cause all they kindness been drained outta ‘em.’ Shushin’ her with the harshness of a kettle at boil, Is Mama, Scolding her for fibbin’ to me. Grunting irritation,
Black History is still in the making. It’s not only a celebration of past victories but of present ones and of triumphs to come. I’m proud of my heritage and embrace all of who I am. Happy Black World History!
You will be remembered, And you will be heard You are strong and resilient Wise and spiritual Original yet diverse But much more than simple
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