I am Mike Brown. I am Tamir Rice. I am Eric Garner.

I am the fallen of my culture, my color, my characteristics.

I am the family of these victims, I am the friends.

I am the enemies who have wished death. I am not supremacy.

I am not the opposite of justice.

I am all of the individuals who have prayed for equality.

After all, we've only been praying for 150 years.

I am these walls if they could talk.

I would tell you that we are still institutionalized, undermined, labeled inferior.

I am the cries for help, that is me.

I am my mother, I am my father. I am my brother, and I am my sisters.

I am my ancestors, certainly.

Does our complexion resemble a bullseye?

Remember when we were conflicted?

I am not antagonist. I am positive vibes.

I am the villages, the valley, and the plantains.

I may disrespect. That is true.

But in a twisted way, I am still you.


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My country
Our world
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