The Skin Im In


United States
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The skin I’m in is black,

I don’t mind that it’s black, but the responses to black,

Causes to me to reflect back, to the fact that.

My forefathers were black and that blackness was to others a curse.

They even found reason and justification through a bible verse.

But for me, it took some time you see,

To learn That blackness is not a curse, but it is a blessing.

Now that I have studied and learned my own lessons.

The skin I’m in is black,

Black is powerful,black is bold, it’s in your face,

But it’s not the only color in the human race.

My blackness does not decrease the power of your whiteness,

Your browness, or your redness.

We all have our own unique talents embedded in us from the heavens.

The skin I’m in is black,

But the black of my skin is thin,

But the depth of my soul is deep,

The struggles, the challenges, the thoughts I have

When I lay down to sleep.

Add to me,

increase me,

build me

And make me,

mold me and shape me.

Because i know, that it is working for my good

So I will rest and just believe.

As I stand here doing this thing

I must give honor to my king

Because he sits upon his throne

I know that I am never alone

I thank God for the Skin  I'm In.

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