Wonderin' When

I saw a white man today, and he

Was pretty nice. He was one

Of the one’s that pitied us “Niggers”, you

Know that’s what they call us.


I bid sir, to tell me what can I do, to

Make it better for me and my

Children. Sir, told me: “Go and learn

The language they speak, learn

It, let it flow out of your mouth like fluid.


So I studied and I studied hard,

Now I’m graciously eloquent.

I speak the man’s language with great

Accuracy but, I still have no



So I bid sir, tell me what I can do,

So I can make it better for me,

My children and their children too.

Sir said to me comb your hair, make

It flow like a river like mines do.


I ran home and got my comb, heated

Up real good, my hair was looking nice,

Real nice I tell you but, it ain’t last long



I heard about some chemicals, strong

Chemicals that make your hair nice and

Straight. I ran back to Sir, and he told

Me my hair looked great.


“I no longer looked like a nappy

Uncivilized monkey but, rather a lady

With grace.”


I smiled, so bright, so bright I tell ya’

I was so happy, I decided to show myself

To society. They still call me a nigger,

Monkey, darkie and told me I gets no



I ran back to sir and said, SIR, SIR





He looked me in the eyes said, Baby gon’

Head up the road and get you a Degree

Just like me…


I got myself together and went up that

Road right there and got myself a Math degree

And I looked in the mirror and said I done did

It I done got myself some equality…


Honey I’m older now and I talked to

My Grandchildren and asked about what’s

Going on today and it don’t make no

Sense to me …


Now I find myself sitting here in this year,

2016: Wondering when will my people,

Finally get ourselves some true equality .


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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