Breast Cancer

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This disease can come out of nowhere, and can try to take everything from you. It is understandable to cry and to think about why this had to happen to you.
Trees no matter the type are meant to stand true and tall Planted to provide us Love. Planted to provide us Warmth. Planted to support us when we fall.   Why is it then that they don’t last forever
It was spring The flowers were bathing in the optimistic light of the sun I observed from a distance Fearing my thoughts would wilt them
There’s a soft patter of mice in the attic, as they rummage around in cardboard boxes, opening their eyes to the brilliant streak of sunlight
i will walk with you pulling your oxygen tank with one hand holding your hand with the other because i love you. i will drain the fluid from your lungs twice a week
A rose is adored when in bloom, encouraged when unfolding,             welcomed when a bud,                         and rejected when she wilts.   We admire her beauty and bask in her sweet scent,
People say I look just like her,  I act and talk like her.  I have her chubby cheeks and smile.  I have a passion for being on the stage like she did.  She was a fighter,
The words echoed in my head."Mommy has breast cancer."  Tears.Here and there they fell, yet always in secret.The helplessness consumed me.A picture of death branded into my mind.This lasted for weeksand weeksand weeks.Grades fell.I stopped eating.
Up's and down's are all I have, But flatline is where I want to be. No feeling, no pain in my life; No happy or sad just nothing. I want this low to be gone, Even if I lose the highs.
I remember the night so clear Years ago The first time I saw you weak In pain Scared There was this pain you couldn't hold in but didn't want to show I came and sat on your bed next to you
pink Pink is happy, pink is love, pink makes me feel up and above, pink is innocent , pink is the butterflies you get in your stomach when something great occurs,
I am a woman. Standing tall at five foot and three inches. I am a woman who has seen more than most eyes have. The struggle, heartache, feminine qualities stripped away. I see this everyday.
"As soon as you walk in tomorrow turn in your homework" See my teacher expects me to waltz up in here, doing stuff we are never going to apply to life. y=mc to the power of "why am even i here"
Those who believe say that 'God' only gives you what you can handle,that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger,I ask you:What sort of twisted joke is this, then, when the strong only continue to get tested?
I rise and so I stand. I stand, because I can. breath of life in the morning I awake. as the wind blows I smile, in which, It comforts my mistakes. lessons to be learned, always enough to be taught,
  For the past three years I’ve found myself here Surrounded by my family, the ones I hold near Today I am as strong as I will ever be
It’s a thick pain coming from within my chest, my heart is crying out, wanting this torment to end, my womanhood I defend, as I feel the lump in my breast, as my fingertips I press against, the reason for my stress, and depressed is not the word,
Cancer is a monster, who takes away great souls, The innocence of people, they didn't have control It didn't just break the people, who had this deadly disease Because when the darkness left, it also broke me
Whispers catch the wind and carry a message to my ears. I hear your voice the message brings tears. Oceans in between us but that’s not very far. It was you who was there when I was to broken to care.
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