People say I look just like her, 

I act and talk like her. 

I have her chubby cheeks and smile. 

I have a passion for being on the stage like she did. 

She was a fighter,

always fighting for what she believed in. 

She taught me well. 

Her presence could make any gloomy day turn bright.

Her smile lit the room. 

She was confident as could be. 

Then one day that all went away. 

Constant hospital visits would take anyones smile away. 

Cancer took her confidence and passion. 

Cancer made her scared, 

and she was left feeling hopeless.

She kept on fighting day by day, 

She faught everyday until cancer won. 

February 17th, 2016. 

She had suffered long enough. 

God finally answered our prayers, 

and took her home. 

I may have lost faith during this experience, 

my family did too. 

But seeing her rest peacefully in that coffin, 

brought back all my faith I had in God. 

It was even stronger than before. 

My grandma was my everything. 

She showed me how to appreciate the little things. 

She taught me to be kind to everyone. 

She showed me confidence was the most beautiful thing a women. 

I miss her everyday. 

But everything I do is for her. 

Not a day goes by where I do not miss her, or think about her. 

I know she is in a better place. 

I know she is in Heaven with God, singing and dancing on her own stage. 

Watching over my family and I. 

My grandma taught me how to have faith, 

and she is still teaching me that today. 

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My family
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