Spring Time

It was spring

The flowers were bathing in the optimistic light of the sun

I observed from a distance

Fearing my thoughts would wilt them

My toes caressed the grass

It allowed me to remain grounded

Rooting me to Earth

Beams of harsh fluorescent lights shun in my eyes

My nose stung as a whiff of crimson and rubbing alcohol washed over me

It forced bumps to the surface of my skin

I attempt to ignore it

Yet, my surrounding were closing in

Black washed over me

Taking the optimism with it

I opened my eyes

Around me was those lights and that smell

The cold surface of the chair caught me as I fell down the rabbit hole into the depths of my mind

I sat there contemplating as she herself was sleeping right before my eyes

Her breaths were shallow as mine remained heavy

I stood up and began to tug at my ball and chain

The hospital hallways began to spin as if I had enter a kaleidoscope of the psyche

My surroundings twisted and turned

But  I still trudged along

Was this the world?

Was this what I would be forced to endure for eternity?

I was a man now

Something I was scared to become

But willing to do for her


This poem is about: 
My family


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