The ones I love are caught


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Cancer is a monster, who takes away great souls,

The innocence of people, they didn't have control

It didn't just break the people, who had this deadly disease

Because when the darkness left, it also broke me

The one soul it took, was the one I loved the most

But it's got two more on hold which this monster made the host,

Of his massacre party, his celebration of death

For drop dead gorgeous women, how horrible is Cancer's theft

Maybe soon you will see just how lucky you are

When you have on your breast no visible scar.

He is playing with you; to him it's a game

There is no cure, it cannot be tamed.

Wear that pink ribbon proudly, and don't give in.

You are still beautiful; it's cancer that's doing a sin.

There are people who get it, and people who care.

They don't know you, but they love you, and they are aware,

Of the creature that's out there, looking for a heart

Even though it's not me, it's still tearing me apart.

Have fun with your life; give it all you've got,

Run from the evil, because the ones I love are caught.

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