I am a Woman.


I am a woman.
Standing tall at five foot and three inches.
I am a woman who has seen more than most eyes have.
The struggle, heartache, feminine qualities stripped away.
I see this everyday.
How my body can hold such plentiful marks showing I'm a female
Then seeing that some have lost those marks
The breast, they show us who we are
But when you lose them,
You lose yourself, your feminism, your mark,
I've seen the tears fall and the pink ribbons being displayed proudly
I've seen those while a smile on there face as they say,
"I'm cancer free".
I want to be there to help.
To stand up and say, "I will give you back what you lost".
You are no different than I when I place silicone under your skin.
If we were to compare I would say,
You are a women.
You have receive your scares.
You have fought your battles
And I will give back to you

You are a woman
We are women
I am a woman
I will help others fight against breast cancer
I will give back
I will displace my pink ribbons with pride
And I will give survivors a chance to receive their marks again.


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