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This is the season where you show the people around you how much you care by scaring them, And while it can be a trick for others, it is certainly a treat for some.
It was the most horrible thing I've ever seen.I was murdered 100 years ago on Halloween.A man accused me of vandalizing his house but I didn't do it.I told him that I was innocent but sadly, I could not prove it.
Frankenstein was only a monster because that's what people made him out to be.He was actually a kind and gentle soul but that was what everybody refused to see.
My first ex and I only lasted long enough to celebrate Valentine’s Day. And my next ex was there for my birthday, but didn’t want the commitment. So I didn’t let him stick around long enough to take Halloween too
When the Lone Ranger has his finger on his gun's trigger, he constantly has to pull it.When the moon is full, he hunts and kills werewolves, that's why he uses silver bullets.
When it comes to Doctor Frankenstein and I, people certainly don't admire us.When Frankenstein built me, he used my brain after I died from the Coronavirus.The angry villagers come after me with pitchforks and guns.
The leaves are beginning to change colors as they slowly start to fall and hit the ground, And the smell of pumpkins and fear fill the air and it travels in the wind all around.
“Effervescent!' said I, “thing of ghost.” Back into my memories bewitching And so it came gently murmuring Haunting - haunting - haunting!
I’m trying to write a Christmas poem, But it’s just not there.  My merry poem of holiday joy
It's that time of year again  When ghouls come out to play  Where zombies and witches converse in a new civilized way But your skeletons in the closet  They'll stay there another year 
On All Hallows' Eve, the two dressed to frighten the elder in grey, and the younger in white sheets from their beds with holes cut for their eyes with worn pillowcase sacks, went into the night  
The seasons are all changing, the schedule of the day is rearranging. It's finally time to put the shorts away, and to bring the sweaters out for the cold days.
The leaves are changing,  The seasons are rearranging.  The Summer is leaving,  The kids are grieving.  Time for sweaters, and more chilly weather.  Hot coffee or hot chocolate in hand,
Count Dracula is a tale which is thousands of years old But yet we don’t understand why he seems so bold
  Twas the night of Christmasween And this not a twisted dreamLittle kids screamWhen their nightlight stops its bright beamWith their look is nothing but meanSmiles that looks like a stream
The ground is red and orange And the trees are gray and brown Put a scarves on your shoulders Cause the air is getting colder Everyone will laugh and smile
A ghost’s outside the train depot— The one that is a rest’raunt now. A mangled man in overalls, Who waves a lantern light about. He wanders ’cross the railroad tracks, To save you from the coming train—
In Fall, there are orange leaves on all the trees. It's the season of my birthday and Halloween. It's very dandy to get all that candy.
It's just me it's just me come and sit on my knee I'll tell you a story of how the wind blows and where all the bad kids go the boogie man ate em' he snatched them up by the toes spanked them on the bottom and gobbled the boogers from their nose t
Dull complexion, orange flesh, Unsheath this rusted knife; Scraped across his stoic face To steal his trusted life.  
Driving by the bar, we looked out the window. Three discarded pumpkins bobbed in the stream. I looked at my brother--five weeks after Halloween.  
Last night of October—we lay on the floorWarmly aligned from our shoulders to hipsBy the orange soda fizz of a loud movie scoreLast night of October—we lay on the floorIn the dusty blue attic beneath the trapdoor
Between us, you and me, I fear your company.Your clouded breathing haunts meLike a chill in the skeleton tree.  
You are the last pumkin. Left bruised and misshapen, Nobody wants you. So you simply sit there, Watching even the most desperate of people Give you a look of disgust, And walk on by.
Halloween A time to laugh A time to scream Takes up the entire month If you’re enthusiastic My favorite time of the year
Halloween A time to laugh A time to scream Takes up the entire month If you’re enthusiastic My favorite time of the year
Because you're a monster You try to tear me down When I try to get back up You take my joy When I feel happy You whisper things in my ear When I was vulnerable You destroyed my life
Hot tea, soft sweaters,  whispers of the cold   Crunching leaves, Fireplace burns, Ghost stories told  
Gold and orange, flowing colors Both bright red and green Fill your eyes full of wonder For all that is seen Candles glowing in the darkness Among the dreary sky But their ever glowing brightness
Speak to me, they do The Whispers in the halls Another's thoughts persue me Just waiting for the fall A path unto insanity A mind's own hollow room For I cannot control them
I was bitten by a Werewolf and now I'm undead.I was a mortal man but now I'm immortal instead.I'm responsible for many deaths because I'm a Wolfman.
Some might boast they have seen a ghost. Some might say they saw a witch fly their way. On this Halloween day, you know the one. Where the spooks come out to have a little, fun.
Run, run, run away. Here are the monsters come to play Swinging bags of sugary treats Up and down the busy streets.   Back and forth from door to door Singing “Here I am; give me more.
Angry villagers put the Munsters to death.I adopted their pet that has a fiery breath.He is a monster and his name is Spot.I thought I would like him but I do not.It was a mistake when I got him from the pound.
Halloween Halloween What a site to be seen Scary monsters everywhere Leaving children in Despair   Trick or treat Is their disguise All the children
Throat ripped clean Jagged fangs go open Eyes widen gleam Blood flows free Throat cut through Pulse times two Fangs sink deep  Drink into sleep
Three witches gathered round a pot,  the first witch said "today let's make something new I'm sick of all this baby finger gluck and newt tail glue and I know just what we wierd sisters should do.
Shudder and scream! A witch grows near! This is not a dream,  for the witch is here.    History is wrong.  A bad story told for far too long.       
There's a darkness that covers the moon, To save the werewolves from there doom.
Surrounded by my brothers  And yet I am alone. We grew together, weather storms  And cuddled amongst parched leaves. We are strewn across the fields
It is too late. There is blood dripping from the table mingling with the wax created by now extinguished flame.
Halloween is here We love this holiday my dear Pumpkins are carved, treats are bought, and the decorations are hung All that must be done Is to put a costume on Witches in their pointy hats
I speak to you now, And it's true that it seems As if my encounter Was simply a dream. But listen, dear stranger, As I start to tell Of the little old Hag Who lives in the well.  
When you look out through the window pane,  Your deepest fears run through your brain. Just don't blink your eyes.   A demon with a diabolical grin- The odor of putrescent skin.
Perhaps one of the reasons  I like Halloween so much is because I feel more at home.
Sadder than a souless wanderer Is a bodiless soul.  When a wanderer dies 
Incredulously more malicious is the fear that sits and wishes To give you its affliction Of viscious scenes and memories
There has always been something special about October About Halloween About the Addams Family and their sadistic values There's something about the moon at night
On Halloween the souls come out To run and jump and live without Remonder that they do not live And happiness no longer gives The way it always had before They walked through the open door
Just feel the cool breeze blowing gently all around, and listen to the warm-colored leaves scatter gently across the ground    
My doctor, happens to reside Opposite the road ten strides. So conveniently I asked His service when my lung collapsed A horrid accident and gruesome And not as like this awful twosome  
A tiny roomMany peopleCrowdedTwo dusty windows Sunlight streaming inOrange dusk
No house is left out.  On October 31st each house contains a festoon of Halloween decorations.  Skeletons and ghosts are draped on the rooftops of every house, and pumpkins are perched on every porch.  It is on this night,  that Chicago transforms
What I’m Thankful For When asked to speak, I figured, hey! This will be easy. As I began to think of what to say, I grew slightly queasy.
Ghosts and goblins Your footsteps matching mine and the hay ride came late but we stayed in line   Up all night Dancing under the stars surrounded by silly pumpkins
If I bite you today, would you love me tomorrow? If I told you my secret Would you still call me your lover? I live in a world that you cannot fathom Would you believe me if I told you I might be a werewolf?
On Hallow's Eve, the ghouls began to gather in a Massachusetts barn,
    The first leaf of Autumn falls and slowly drifts away.          A chill runs through the air.          It now appears a new season is here to stay.  
You’ve listened to stories of Hallows Eve a night of scares and sweets The story you haven’t heard (some may think it’s quite absurd)
Between ice cold lemonade and hot cocoa, I am human, While bundling up due to the breeze, I think thoughts such as these.  
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