Midnight Monster

Between us, you and me, 
I fear your company.
Your clouded breathing haunts me
Like a chill in the skeleton tree.


We walk in muck, 
In congealed blame,
On nettles, burs and bugs.
Silently we crept along 
Boots squelch on worms and slugs.


You'd hate to see me lose it.
Unseen scars blur my brain.
Monsters I've killed. Monsters.
I'm really not quite sane.


flowing from your heart, 
Each night I wake and weep.
Fresh horrors pale and taunt and dead...
I'd like it if you'd leave.


It's not too late,
Please do escape!
What time remains is lost
My nerves once strained are breaking
My mind's been ripped apart


Now go.
I've nothing left to show.
Nothing you should've seen.
The cursed blood has sold me
The flesh beneath your skin.


This night is for the monsters
The Moon employs its wraiths
Twin brothers turn to mad dogs
Sweet daughters slaying knaves


I warned you sister, didn't I?
I pleaded and I cried
My breath now silent as the wind
On a starless stormy night.


Vilest hunger drives me now
A red tribute to sate 
No less, no more, no substitute
Still here? Alas too late!


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