Twas the night of Christmasween 
And this not a twisted dream
Little kids scream
When their nightlight stops its bright beam
With their look is nothing but mean
Smiles that looks like a stream

Christmasween is a horrible day
When Krampus start his rein
And other ghouls are coming out to play
And they take kids who are going a bad way
Be a good little boy or girl if you don't a visit to be pay
You better hope and pray

No candy no toys
You better not make any noise
Or they will eat you all joys
Some people are their little deploys
Mostly little bad girls and annoying little boys
They will find you even if you live in a cave in Illinois 

Lock your doors
Better no complain of being bored
If you here a squeak on the kitchen floor
You better look at the chimney and hope for no horns
This is for them who haven't been warn
On this day true evil is truly born

Take you into a fiery pit
This is why parents say don't throw a fit
No matter if you have the wits
When you have the bell in soft little mitts
All you can say is "it's"
And you parents are thinking "ah shit" 


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