A Breath of Death


My doctor, happens to reside

Opposite the road ten strides.

So conveniently I asked

His service when my lung collapsed

A horrid accident and gruesome

And not as like this awful twosome


He strolls down Hudson avenue

To breath the air and smoke a few.

But nothing ever rises high.

The smoke it sinks below his thigh

Where suddenly from air it's sucked

Into his charcoal pants induct.


And yesterday I saw him late.

In the dead of night I wait,

And watch him in the lantern glow

His shadow shuffling on snow

But he was standing still and sturdy

Once eldery, yet now seemed thirty


Believe this sight I never will

Of him illuminated, still.

He hunched and then removed his shoe,

While rolling up his pant leg too.

Revealed the object of my shock

Which he removed from his sock


And held up high for all to see

His audience of ghosts and me

He laughed a cruel hysteria

Staring at my retinas

I wished he'd leave, but knew he wouldn't

And I began to gasp but couldn't.


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