Enter a love poem

Three witches gathered round a pot, 

the first witch said "today let's make something new

I'm sick of all this baby finger gluck and newt tail glue

and I know just what we wierd sisters should do.

We three shall create the perfect love poem"  


The second witch says with a grin,

"I know just where should begin,

I'll throw in some compliments into the cauldron,

sultry eyes and whispery tongue,

skin as soft as smooth, smooth silk,

. empty words and all their ilk,

A not-so-subtle inuendo shall do,  

also some woe is me's and woe is you's ."  


"oh,oh me next!" the third witch cries 

"let's put in some lover's sighs, 

and some terrible similes,

about how girls are flowers and boys are bees.

 For an extra punch, a lover's lies  

so that when it's all over and done 

there's still some passion yet to come.

Maybe just a rhyme or two to give it that

thu-thump thu-thump tune."  


"Well my, my, the charm is done."   

the first murmers, "now  ladies, wasn't that fun?" 

the others cakle, 

in a snort-hiccup way 

"ha." says the second, "that'll be the day." 

" I think the wolves teeth and turk's lips were far more fine.  

at least we can say them without seeming out of line. 

love poetry is just as full of hollow things, as wool of bat and adder's sting."  


The last now speaks,  

" It wrecks far more havoc than what the fates we three tweak. 

Remember now our famous speak:

what's fair is foul and foul is fair,  

so lets give this new rhyme to poets everywhere!"






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