On Halloween the souls come out

To run and jump and live without

Remonder that they do not live

And happiness no longer gives

The way it always had before

They walked through the open door

To the light, beyond the grave

On Halloween, the sould do rave

They are not dead, in line of heart

And on this night, we aren't apart

Together now and forever it seems

Now as we gather we tear at the seams

Of our world and theirs, they blur into one

The feeling gets stronger and we don't miss the sun

The stitches of worlds have started to snap and

We don't really know what might happen

On Halloween we breathe similarities

Us and the souls, we are the same

And we are so glad they came

The Moon watches as Fire warms

Once again, the barrier is torn

On this night our souls are born

There is so much more to learn

The Sun peaks 'round its face again

No one ever wonders when

The dead can teach us how to live

And how much more there is to gain

So we won't ever be without

On Halloween, the souls come out


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