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Rompamos todas las cadenas Para llegar Tomemos los trenes Para llegar Debemos luchar por nuestros derechos
If I were the Great Leontyne Price I would be humming and singing with tears All over my sad cheeks and angry face Haiti, O Patria Mia, Haiti once the Pride
Greed is out,Yes, yes, let’s shout,Again and again:Greed is out.Let’s spout, let’s shout!Realized painAnd unrealized gainAre not taxable.Political contributionsAre not deductible.
Haiti By: Abbey Windham   They carry on Day after day The smiles on their faces As white as pearls from the roaring oceans Their homes are shambles Pieces of trash nailed together
My heart aches For the land that I barely know, For the people I've barely met, For the language I barely speak (Because I was there for a week).
Never before have I seen such joy, Joy in the midst of sorrow, In the midst of pain, Of poverty,
In the midst of it all: Part 2   In the midst of what I’ve seen over the last few days My mind can’t help but wander your way Anything could happen at anytime
In the midst of it all
I am from the rolling hills From the river filled with pebbles. I am from where the rooster crows From bleating goats to oinking pigs. (Even in the dark of night) I'm from outside my comfort zone.
Born in Idaho in the middle of December, but I was so little that I couldn't remember. To Texas we moved when I was but one, little did I know that it had only begun. I thought that I would stay there the rest of my life.
“Mommy, it’s getting dark!” his voice quivering, clinging to my skirt. No response. My pain was great though, I couldn’t help him. It pained him, that pains me.
Their eyes no longer blank As they had risen from concrete crumbles. In the burning heat of day And in the rituals of the night. Rushing through the strings of dirty tents Trying to find the ceaseless end
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