In the midst of it all

Wed, 05/21/2014 - 02:26 -- tides

In the midst of it all

Days pass as I watch images of Haiti in ruins from the devastation
I watch the suffering as people cry out in righteous indignation
So tired, so broken, so humbled by their situation
The hurt, the anger, only adding to their frustration
Battered and bruised from storms prior that pummeled their nation
Destruction not of their own doing, but of God’s creation

I sit back and see people, my people, your people, our people, fellow black people
I sit back and bear witness to the aftermath of a catastrophe of which they’ve known no equal
I sit back and hurt for them, no houses, no churches, and no steeples 
I sit back and view a world galvanized by the earth’s upheaval

Where do they go?
What do they do?
Who knows or even has a clue?
How do they overcome such a tragedy and make it through?

The spotlight shines down once again for all to see 
The hearts of a people no different than you or me
They’ve struggled for so long unnecessarily
Tears for years enough to rise the sea
Who was listening?

Why does it always take the worst to bring out the best?
History will continue to repeat itself until we pass, not fail its test
Proactive instead reactive to avoid having to clean up the mess
This needs be at the top of the list for our next conquest
Not Iraq or bailouts for banks, just a little time and energy is all we need to invest
In order to give something tangible back to those whom we allow poverty to oppress

There is no excuse.

tides ~


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