In the midst of it all: Part 2

Wed, 05/21/2014 - 02:29 -- tides


United States

In the midst of it all: Part 2


In the midst of what I’ve seen over the last few days

My mind can’t help but wander your way

Anything could happen at anytime

Without any reason, without any rhyme

In an instant life abruptly changed for them

They had no time to prep, no warning, no calling a friend

They never saw it coming

Quake started, everybody running                   

When the ground below you moves what do you do?

I can’t say that I know what they’re going through

But the ground moved underneath me the day I met you


Naturally inclined to gravitate towards you

The force so strong

To fight it feels so wrong

But this is where we are

The distance growing more than just physical location by far


I can’t allow myself to submit to it

Force so strong, but my will is stronger

Push harder and longer

As I would if we were together, for u, for us

In you, in this, I trust-ed

Now I push in the opposite direction

On the floor, my feet leave an impression

Such is my will, mighty enough to undo that which has been done

Unfortunate and by no means fun

Yet I witness such tragedy

Images of which are so sad to me

I think about you

What I would do

Not knowing if you were ok, alive or dead

Plagues me, these thoughts in my head

What would I do

If that was us, if that was you

Time so wasted

Nothing but emptiness to replace it

A void

Unfilled… so annoyed


Back it get

We can’t… rewind the clock

No key to release the lock

So says father time…

Her time, your time are now mine

When time is gone, say goodbye

It’s gone as quickly as we don’t see it fly

Quake hit, the shaking started, then stopped

They never knew their world would rock

Unable to see family ever again

No mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, or even close friends

So sad and unfortunate

Live every day

Right now even I pray

For those still lost to be alive

For parents to live in order to see their kids strive

For higher heights

Able to watch them play and ride their bikes

Even then I think

In an instant, in a blink

An image in my eyes of you

Wondering what would I do

If that was us, if that was you

tides ~



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