the truth

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I felt you and it scared me how much you could see you were the first person to know what I'd been through   and you still wanted me? I wasn't sure how to feel
It's scary what hides amongst color. what colors tend to hide. a smile hides a falter, a wristband over red stripes. it's scary what hides amongst color. what emotions hide in your eyes.
hello. let me say one more thing before i go. i am a twin, a friend, a daughter, a believer, a writer  and an artist... but you do not know me. hello.
Lips that slip, And the truth doeth strip, But their lies, Decides, And her heartbeat cries, And the anguished denies, But Still, Their wretched lies.   Hearts that fumble,
Welcome   Welcome to the big leagues kid Wait a minute Are  those "foreign"  shoes? ..... you can't use those here Do you know English?
The thing about poetry is that it calms your thoughts  relating one thing to another without so much as a pause  because our brains work in mysterious ways  poetry tells us we don't have to be afraid 
"Freak Geek She's sweet Oh please  Stop with the name calling While in far away places soldiers are falling Babies are crying                  Starving                  Parting   ways
People like drama  they are hard to please  hard to entertain  hard to hold on to  slipping through your fingers like water   So far gone.     When I do the right thing I feel hollow 
One day I saw a person on the ground and no one stopped to help  They walked around and over and past them,  Down the street and around the corner until they were gone And this person just sat there crying and bleeding, 
I'm tired of all this hate and disgust we need to separate its not them its "U.S." We blame everything as a country on a color instead of just solving the problem before it snow balls
The truth is hard to swallow; resting on the tip of my tongue. It aches to be accepted and it longs to be loved. The truth is hard to find and hard to see for what it is;
You tell me I'm wrong And that I don't know where I belong But the truth is I know exactly what goes on Between me and my demons. You know nothing Of what I go through And nothing 
I'm lost. I'm lost and I don't know where to go from here. I'm being battered by the whirling chaos that is my mind. I'm doing things that I never thought I would. 
Little girl, why did you follow the White Rabbit?Why did you follow him down the rabbit hole??Of course you wouldn't have known, you're only just an innocent little girl burning with curiosity.
 Down with the lies of our educatorsWho tranquilize us with elegant images of individualismWhile society chains us down with the same shackles of our ancestors
That by Israel, the Palestine are the True Chosen, And that the Chosen be the Devil's Synagogue. And as that, Anarchy is Order; & Leadership is Chaos.
I started writing poetry to express the tough times I had.Knowing that deep inside I was really mad.About the loss of my childhood friend.Sitting beside him on the curb telling him to, "hang on" knowing this is the end.Of his life, wishing I could
I am bashful and quiet - I wonder why I get anxiety - I hear my heart pounding- I see my life as a tapestry- I will be more outgoing- I am bashful and quiet- I pretend to be bold- I feel thankful- I touch everyone's heart with my writing- I worry
whenever you listen to society tell its side of the story they dominate lies with historical fabrications   whenever you listen to color people-you know the indians/tainos tell its side of the story
This is no thanksgiving, No gifts or laughter, Its a hidden story, of pain and disaster I speak of many paths, full of tears and blood baths, I speak for the victims of hatred and wrath.
Inspiration fills my soul Keeping me going on this lonely road Finding ways to keep my cool Learning how to spot the fools
I bid you adieu I bid you adieu All the sane people, oh so few You think life is hard? Well me too Living paycheck to paycheck nothing new.
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