Some Day

One day I saw a person on the ground and no one stopped to help 

They walked around and over and past them, 

Down the street and around the corner until they were gone

And this person just sat there crying and bleeding, 

Drowning in the blood pouring from their arms and face


I ran to them, I ran fast and cried for helped

“Help please someone help! We need help”

But no one stopped

Soon no one was left, they had all gone

Gone down the road and around the corner to their own life

Not caring about those left behind, those left alone

Like us

Like us who care, care about humanity and kindness


I looked down in helpless wonder, shocked at the cruelty of the world

But no one was there

Everything was disappearing, becoming faded and distant

Blood, blood was all that was left but it was my blood

They were my screams that no one heard

And my blood that no one saw

My soul that was drowning in despair, in the blood that poured from my slit wrists


One Day I had a nightmare that I was alone and no one would help me as I died

I woke up screaming and crying but no one came

No one burst through my door to help, to check 

It wasn’t a dream it was the truth burred inside, the truth of how I feel


This poem is about: 
Our world


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