What really happens


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I bid you adieu I bid you adieu
All the sane people, oh so few
You think life is hard? Well me too
Living paycheck to paycheck nothing new.

Laying alone at night cuddling with fear
Of some of the things I might hear
Tomorrow when I fight to stand tall
But all I do is crash and fall

Trying to write a poem one of good taste
To those people in the world that make most haste,
To every little thing they see
I’m sorry this poem isn’t good enough for me

So I lay my head down and try to think
Of the sorrows in my life and make them shrink
In my life and in the paper
That I will share to the good fellow later

But right now my pen is still
And I cannot tell you how I feel
For nobody seems to care
About the young boys life he wants to share

About his struggles through out the day
Or anything he wants to say
So all he does is curse and whisper
To himself about how much he missed her

He laughs though, for it is not a girl
Not the ones that make life swirl
But it is the woman who makes life spin
The woman of society that will always win

Then there comes the ending rhyme,
That portrays itself at the end of every line
The only one there to watch hear me talk
Alone in my bed fighting against the clock

With me forever and ever
My thoughts will never leave me, no never
So I think I will in fact stay here
Looking out the window, not my mirror.


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