Reynolds High School
United States

Little girl, why did you follow the White Rabbit?
Why did you follow him down the rabbit hole??
Of course you wouldn't have known, you're only just an innocent little girl burning with curiosity.
Wouldn't have known about the risks, the dangers, the consequences of Wonderland.

Fire starts coursing around you
Your breath quickens, your heartbeat moving fast like a cheetah.
Alice! Come quick!! The Queen wants your head in a platter if you don't get out!!!
Suddenly, a flash of red right before your very eyes
The Queen! She's here!!

Too scared to move, you just stand there frozen
Too frozen to fight back, too frozen to help save your family from certain doom.
The fire burns the entire house in detail
Family portait destroyed forever by the burning-hot flames
Curtains, drapes, chairs, and pillows
turn to nothing but ashes
You hear the painful screams of your family coming from bedroom doors

Standing in the downstairs floor, she forced you to do nothing.
Nothing, but just stand and watch your world come crashing down
Help will never come to you and if they did, they'll never believe you.


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