The Truth About America.


United States
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Welcome to the big leagues kid

Wait a minute

Are  those "foreign"  shoes? ..... you can't use those here

Do you know English?


Well we only speak English here

Let me explain the rules and the system to you.


You are another customer

The American dream package isn't free

Let’s start with the basics.


There are member bonuses

If you're white, take a step forward

If you're also a man, take two more

If you are Christian, you can skip this street


If you are all of these you can bask in your own ignorance

You're not any of these?

Well we'll just pretend you don't exist, unless you're black of course


Unless you're black of course

If you're black, do not go past go

Do not collect 200 dollars

Go straight to jail


You're black and a women, well at least you can be a mistress

You'll never be pretty enough to be a wife.


You are only half of a person

Oh, I'm sorry, I meant 3/5....


Did I mention money?

Should you have a lot,

You can have my job of telling people what their limitations are.


If you're black well just assume you have none

I'm the grandson of Jim Crow and Uncle Sam

And the product of a post racial society.


Can't you see my feathers,

I've carefully scattered them everywhere.


American, the most impossible task is to be black and American, why do you think the African is still stuck with us

It’s funny that our people are only half aggressive when given less than half of the opportunities


I come from a long line of broken women who bear broken sons, who will in turn break other women.


I come from a long line of broken men who break women

Worms who burrow into her fruit, disappear and leave her tree broken and confused


Twisted men who break women

We leave black orchards in our rear view mirrors

We are trapped in this game we already started off losing

This is the American Nightmare.


Night, black, scary, bad

Black means bad, didn't you catch that?

Go back and start over....

Go back and start over.

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My country


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