The Cold Hard Truth



She's sweet

Oh please 

Stop with the name calling

While in far away places soldiers are falling

Babies are crying


                 Parting   ways

With family the haven't seen in days 

This should make you all feel shamed

To think you bully, while others are in pain

What's to gain?

It won't bring you fame

Your excuses are lame

And this world needs to change

They support gay people

While there are still stray people

Who need homes

           And love

         And hope 

       From above

Not signs that say "girls can love each other!"

Or,"maybe they're not brothers"

When children are dying in the hands of their mothers

While they think,why did this sickness ever have to trouble us?

If only someone could hav helped

But instead we kept to ourselves

Until all that's left is our shells."

This poem is about: 
Our world



please tell me how to improve~seawolf

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