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(I wrote this for My daughter Khadija on her birthday)
My Loud Whisper
Never hurt a poetess! For she won't harm you back But her lesion will not cure Her thoughts would twist the knife And she'll write 'you' in her rhymes Thus she, with her asthetic advocacy
Accused, humiliated and chastened Guilty of being naive, kiddish and candid "I'm sorry ", I said. And then Fancied did I as well "I'm sorry too" From you_ Don't you think to me it was due?
Holla good-sister Aye good-brother I'm always thy brother I thank thee, O pious! Holla dear brother Aye dear sister I await thee Good heavens thou art a sinner!
Me: "O My Lord I know this life is a Journey And the paths here are Slippery Although I try to walk very Cautiously But the charms of world attract Me My heart desire all that is Fancy
Anxiety Makes your mind create A cosmic blank space Encircling you 360° The emptiness in its totality Wearisome to handle Knowing uncontrollably You sink gradually
The one I thought, For once in my lifetime, Understood me, Was the one Who misunderstood me the most In my life! #MywordsOnMycanvas
Inside a huge hollow tree I must go and sleep Sleep very deep Just like a hibernating bear, Without any fear! #MywordsOnMycanvas Saima Qureshi ©️
Let me mend myself, my soul is wholly broken. Let me dig out my honour, someone just buried it deep. Let me reawaken my pride, I just can't let it sleep! #MywordsOnMycanvas Saima Qureshi ©️
I: "It's too hard to accept that you are gone." You: "But the fact is I've, how long this false hope you can keep on?" I: "It's too hard crying for you, to cease." You: "But you have to find an inner peace."
Dear departed soul Everyone's heart you stole With all those loving traits Can't find your replicate Penning down your quality Trying to describe your personality Dear Departed soul
I always find myself comfortable Expressing through ink- Be it on canvas with colours Be it on paper through words Just to find inner peace - pro tem or lasting #MywordsOnMycanvas
Death is a gospel's truth That can't be denied but grief too accompanies it Easily said , it is Someone left you but to accept You'll never meet again breaks you shatters you shudders you
I: I've admiration for you, as such! You: How much? I: A lot and beside. You: Why'd? I: Should I reveal? You: Yes please, don't conceal! I: Ok, then lend me your ear,
(For my autistic, non-verbak son Hassan)
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