Never hurt a poetess!
For she won't harm you back
But her lesion will not cure
Her thoughts would twist the knife
And she'll write 'you' in her rhymes
Thus she, with her asthetic advocacy
Trial you and guilt trip you
Hence execute you many a times...

Never humiliate a poetess!
For she won't disgrace you in return
But her agnoy will keep recurring
Her eyes would hold the tears back
And she'll shed 'you' drop by drop
Thus she, with her literary emotions
Villianize you and vilify you
Hence assassinate you many a times...

Never tarnish a poetess!
For she won't break your pride
But her suffering will never heal
Her lips would be buttoned up
And she'll storytell 'you' with her pen
Thus she, with her eloquent artistry
Stigmatise you and traumatise you
Hence slay you many a times...

Saima Qureshi ©️

This poem is about: 
Our world


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