My Loud Whispers

My Loud Whisper

It's been two decimal two decades
We have been living Alone Together
And there, between us an Eloquent Silence
Clearly Misunderstood it was always
Showing an Intense Apathy for each other
An act that was Openly Deceptive
Day to day our Lovers' Quarrels
Made this affair Really Fake
We being a Perfect Mismatch
Kept dragging our Lifeless Relationship
This being our Only Choice
For our Earth Angels
Was it our Cruel Kindess
Or a Deliberate Mistake
Which we Wise Fools never understood
Me trying to take everything as Proud Humility
Got habitual to this Sad Happiness
Addicted to Bitter Sweet taste life
Seeking Honour rooted in Dishonor
And being Hopelessly Optimistic
To make it Back to Future!

Saima Qureshi ©️

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