Makes your mind create
A cosmic blank space
Encircling you 360°
The emptiness in its totality
Wearisome to handle
Knowing uncontrollably
You sink gradually
In that hollow pool of nothingness
Lack of motivation
Overwhelms your system
Exhausts the energy
To swim back to surface
Your lungs get filled with nullity
Making it tough practically
To breathe in and out
Mirroring congestive heart failure
Soundless your soul drowns
Deep down your own body
Your loved ones
Witness your silent withdrawal
But not your despair
Which pushes you
To fall freely
Farther and farther
Into a dark abyss...


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world



Great use of emotional flow. X

Saima Qureshi

Thanks 😊


Great use of emotional flow. X

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