Hey, it's me again

I'm not going to lie it's been a while
Everything is okay
I would like to say that especially today
I heard you've been looking for me
I heard you're out to make a deal
I heard that you want to dig into the deep

But before you start, I have to tell you something
I thought I needed you
But it was you who truly needed me
It was a Friday night when I saw you in my dream
And I was in such a deep sleep
You were telling me something
But as I sit across from you
You're trying to tell me something else
It's always like this with you
You never seem to show me the full truth

Everything has a meaning that seems to have other meanings
This makes me so angry that I start to feel crazy
You taught me how to passionately find the truth
And lately, life has given me enough proof
You taught me not to find love with toxic
You sometimes only taught me lies and left me to cry

Most importantly, you taught me how to feel
You handed me foreign feelings 
That I didn't know how to deal with
They almost made me feel fake
You helped to remind me that life can't be a perfect cake
That's specially baked
And made for someone else to take

You truly taught me how to live
Free as the birds
That flyby into the sky
And dive into me and start taking control of my soul
As I look over you
Tell me what do you hold 
That hasn't been told
Tell me why did you shine only with my darkest times

You did tell me how to be me
You showed me how stories could go
You simply taught me that I don't need you anymore
I came into this world alone
I will leave alone
I appreciate your help poetry
You were truly there for me 
More than anyone can be

Thanks to you I've become new
Fresher than the flowers that rise at sunrise
Brighter than all of the stars
Even those which are afar
The ones that I reach in my dreams
And I'll see those words you wish to scream
You taught me how to be actually me
At the finest, kindest, blindness form
But until next time
I dare to say farewell to you and the old me officially
I hope this will end peacefully



****NOTE: You is poetry, I am having a conversation with poetry in the poem. 


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