I: "It's too hard to accept that you are gone."
You: "But the fact is I've, how long this false hope you can keep on?"
I: "It's too hard crying for you, to cease."
You: "But you have to find an inner peace."
I: "Its too hard to let you go, so I've to hold on."
You: "But dear you have to let me go and move on."
I: "I'm but have to shoulder the burden of your memories along."
You: "Why dear? Just let go of them and be strong!"
I: "Ok...let me sit a while,
and inspect my reminiscent pile."
You: "Yes, come on, slowly put down the lot.
I'll help you open the knot."
I: "Wait, before I do, let me think thrice,
after all these are the treasures of my life"
You : "Ok, have no fear
take your time dear."
I: "I considered, pondered and thought.
Answer to it I could not sought"
You: "You have to decide because for long, I cannot stay.
I've to go, ahead is a long way!"
I: "Before you go, just come a little closer.
Help me put my belongings back on my shoulder."
You : "But dear it will make you very hard to walk
You'll be left behind others by a chalk."
I: "No, these will be like living moments for me,
chronicles of those would give me glee.
And be...
Like warmth in harsh cold weather
A lighted candle in dark forever
Like cool breeze, in hot summer
A strong shelter when it's thunder
Like an empathy in time of despair
And a guidance out of nowhere
Like a hand always holding me tight
And a beautiful prayer for me to recite!"

Saima Qureshi ©️

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My family
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