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We love and we hate, We hug and we fight, But we come back togther Because we know what's really important:   Stay at home and wear our masks, Keep our distance and Still stay connected,
The world is in jitter Human lives do matter Economy in shatter Vaccine need of hour. Healthcare in jeopardy Management very tardy Disease a callous malady Million lost in fatality.
Kids on computers, Parents out of work. The climate's changing And Earth is dying.   Stores are closing and The streets are empty. There's smoke in our atmosphere, Poisoning our air.
Not very often a stranger becomes an integral part of our lives Is there a better illustration of this truth than the pandemic Corona Eight billion people of world are facing every day, every hour, every minute
Year 2020 began just like any other year with January being cooler but spirits still higher February came and we heard of a thing called Corona that seemed distant and life went as usual
DREAM RHYME   Thinking of her Out of the blue Wondering where she is What she's about to do ....   I stop my work drop my pen My mind wanders to a time when ....
MY NATURAL HIGH   She's my natural high My red carpet ride To another world Just her with me ....   And the wind       that ruffles her hair Rain that washes the past away 
NIGHT WALK   I want to walk with you at night.  Where you walk alone in the morning light.  When the rising sun pushes away the moon. Where you walk six hours before noon ....   
HURRICANE    Like an unexpected hurricane You came into my lane. Jumbled my ways My nights became days.   I’ve felt this swirling wind before I thought. For sure! 
I'M HERE   Your eyes your lips fill my thoughts today....   We talk We sway Don’t look away....   I’m here And there are no lies....
MR. BOO   You flew your heart true In the sky above.With your last loveMr. Boo ....   
REAR VIEW I think of my past. Because you are here at last. It becomes clearerIn life’s rear view mirror ....  
OUT OF TOUCH... AREN'T YOU GIRL    You're feeling bad  Out of touch aren't you girl?  Life has taken you on a whirl Don't let it steal your joy You're not in anyone's employ....
YOU SAY ... ONLY TIME WILL TELL    You say ... only time will tell.  I say ... I want to hear your heart's bell.  Know that I don’t need you.   But my heart wants to.   My being does not need you. 
CORONA    The clock passed our Corona curfew  And I'm still with her On stolen time  Trying to make our new love rhyme  We are Bonnie and Clyde Lovers on the hide.... 
ON A SWING   In the morning when the sun clicks on       and she gives a sighAt the last evening star dancing       in the pale blue skyThat's when i dream Of her and me On a swing.... 
LADY DAY   Let’s give all      to this flower of ours....We’ve been living without love      for many hours....With others      but always alone....With some sun 
ARTS GARAGE     I loved each moment   After Arts Garage   A blues music barrage   Then walking the street at large...        Your touch   Your smile   And for a little while  
ALL I WANT  All I want to do Is make love to you With poetryWith musicAnd a caress or two  That boils your heart   A dreamy kiss  That melts like butter in sun
Gypsy Queen. On me leanBe my Gypsy Lover....  The song you sing Makes my heart swing So play away To my heart each day And be my Gypsy lover....   To the wind I will sing:
DON'T LOOK AWAY  Your eyes your lips fill my thoughts todayWe talk We sway Don’t look away I’m here And there are no lies   ----- 2-25-20  
TABLE 26  I must sayyou were beautiful at lunch today With laughter of fun  My heart longs to feel the warmth of your sun And play ...   
EVERY MOVE   I’m free to love. Let me be free. A free lover. To All of you.    If you NEED somebody Call my name. If you WANT somebody You can do the same.   
SHOOTING STAR   Shooting star Yet so farDancing on the ocean breezeSoundless musicPlays onLet it burn with ease That is what it does.... 
FEBRUARY 12    In a boat on a floating cloud With marmalade trees and Milky Way skies Nothing but real allowedOnly natural highs....  
I never thought Our world would stop Like this, due to covid Things will become catastrophic And Nations will be shocked I never thought   I never thought I will be locked
Yes, it was me, I survived that time,
I wear my mask not for me, but for you For your children For your parents and grandparents With their cancer, heart disease, and asthma I fear for their lives The sickness is brutal
I saw the sun rise from beneath the ground,And bring a time of sunshine and cheer around,When children played around and the nature danced to its own beat,When birds sung their melodies and butterflies came to greet,
It won't feel like this forever Everyone keeps saying that That used to be the depression tagline But now it applies to the entire world It's the truth but what about right now?  
Hello Corona, Let's go outside, Or how 'bout a friends house, I cannot decide.   Hey friend,  Let's stay inside, Cause people are sick, People have dyed.   But I need water,
It began with wings, leathery skin of a night dweller. Hiding in plain sight under the veil of darkness. It could not live nor die, it only was. Coated in toxicity and bathed in the very blood that worshiped it.
Today has made me feel very dark For the last month it gets dark and adds a pain to my heart I don’t miss the school or the stupid fools in it  But I miss the time away from home 
We used to be scared of people wearing Hijabs,  Now, everyone is running around covered in masks,  Hiding their faces and scared to embrace,  Anyone other than their own selves.   
We used to be scared of people wearing Hijabs,  Now, everyone is running around covered in masks,  Hiding their faces and scared to embrace,  Anyone other than their own selves.   
The world outside seems frozen In the relativity of the time Everything's broken Nostalgia for what's gone Guilty passiveness, sadness For those who won't return   Powerless, unable to fight
ना जाने मैं सही हूं , या नहीं  पर आज कहूंगा जरूर    बस कुछ पल , आपको घर पर रहना है पर आप से  , नहीं हो पाये गा  बस कुछ पल , आपको अपने परिवार के साथ कुछ पल बिताना है  पर आप से  , नहीं हो पाये गा 
Quiet nights, quiet days Upside down and so confused, what is happening to our world? Alone and afraid, separated from humanity Reaching for hands that cannot ever touch Asking questions that no one can answer
There's fear. Apprehension. Paranoia, If you will. We hide. We hoard. We gossip to our fill. I'd rather just be free. To laugh, run, and embrace. I'd rather take that risk,
Bigorexia, when you just want to bulk up on muscle, or, Monexia, when you just want to pump up your paycheck—
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