It Won't Feel Like This Forever

It won't feel like this forever

Everyone keeps saying that

That used to be the depression tagline

But now it applies to the entire world

It's the truth

but what about right now?


It won't feel like this forever

But things are definitely changing

“At least you get a break”

but my mind never does.

“This is the time for growth”

but my soil is soiled still


It won't feel like this forever

but that's not how my mind works.

I'm here right now

and I'm here right now and I'm here

And tomorrow, I'll be there.




It won't feel like this forever

But no one knows when it will stop feeling like this

It will feel like this until it doesn't

and then no one knows what that will feel like

A long time from now I'll sit down to eat

and I'll have forgotten the fear


What feels like forever from now

We won't feel like this

We'll forget the frigid foulness

of having far away friends.

Finding a way to be bored of freedom

Forgetting what it felt like without.


It seems like a long time

Only a nick in the record

Playing on your nightstand

It's skipping right now

But it won't feel like that forever

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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