The clock passed the covid curfew

And I'm still with you.

On stolen time 

Trying to see new love rhyme. 

We are Bonnie and Clyde

Lovers on the hide.

On an evening corona ride.

In her arms for a minute

Needing to hide from all the others in it. 

In my car we ride

Over the bridge to the beach on the other side.

The moon was full with a pinkish tone

A cherished moment all alone.

Our hearts felt what we were missing 

No lips .. only our cheeks were kissing.


Making love in our corona way

Until the cops came to shoo us away

Then looking forward to another day.

When Bonnie and Clyde will seek to hide 

And take another car ride

Over the bridge to the beach on the other side . 



This poem is about: 
Our world


Husna Chikwela

Sory. I am new writer. But when writing my poems and becomr published my poems stanza in poems joined together. How can I do. Because when writing I leave the space But only published stanza aclosed each other

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