I think of my past.

Because you are here at last. 
It becomes clearer
In life’s rear view mirror ....


Past lovers would lament: 
       “No phone calls!”
       “No cards!”
       “Does your love have talent?”....


“Do you think of me?”
       “No flowers!”
       “No towers!"

       "Mostly showers!"


“Is your heart empty?”....


There were
No walks in the park
Only kisses in the dark. 
No talks on the beach
I was unable to be reached .... 


I guess I never 
Had love at all ....

Then one day fate 
would set a date
And made a bet
Then we met ....


A glance. A smile. 

Then hello. 
Names we shared.

Little did we know. 
What fate had dared ....


For we were two ships. 

Passing at sea. 
Floating with another's lips.

There was no you and me ....


We parted for more than a year or so.

Not until the Covid-19 we came to know ....


Then one day we found 
Each other again. 
In the home where my heart lives 
And love knows no end ....


All the gifts.
And all the gestures 
That love treasures .... 

That I never shared 

Because I never cared ....


I never gave 

And now crave 
To give to you 
Like never before ....



This poem is about: 
Our world


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